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The Swedish Academy of Research and Training (SART) is a Sweden origin has established in the kingdom of Sweden in 2006, have many training programs with high scientific levels which complies with European Union standards in learning criteria. The SART offers many academic training bags with global acceptable and recognized through its global institutions in the European Union. According to our experience to deal with high quality experts and academic professional institutions that provide a strong, high reputation to our programs and certifications. Our vision is very clear and recognized in training to prepare our graduates to be more successful with high knowledge and learning therefore provide them a high quality European certificates allowed them to work in The European Union. Besides training, the academy have cooperation with most of international universities in offering admissions for our students in different programs. SART have ten branches in Iraq under Al Fadhil group for Education Services, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Russia and Ukraine also, European Union such as Sweden and Spain. 

The Academy provides 800 admissions/annually to most of our students in all of the world. The second path of our company is assist of Arabic researchers to editing and guidance their manuscripts, papers, book chapters, etc. to be more quality and readability for publication. In the deepest sense, the SART has more agreements with many universities in all around of the world which more effective and opportunity for our clients to immerse with more courses and seminars as particularly and theoretically inside the universities and living there a long time to improving the training skills which presents by SART. The aim of our academy is expanding of working opportunities through our experts with many global university sponsorships also our goals come true and closely to improve our clients to find jobs in the global markets within professional training inside our branches around the world.


Our Happy Students

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