HR (Human Resources) Course

HR (Human Resources) Course

HR (Human Resources) Course


The specialization of human resources is one of the most important specialties which allow the job seekers to be qualified in the labor market where the specialization is focused on the tasks of the employees who are considered the most important elements of production in different companies or institutions through the recruitment and the training of the new employees, the provision of the employees benefits, guidance and follow-up.
The specialization depends on the provision of specialized courses in the field of human resources like basic coordinators in the field of professional specialization in addition to a series of courses of economics and finance as support.
The human resources program continues for four years. The graduate is then awarded a bachelor's degree in human resources management, which allows him to work in various institutions and companies, as he can continue for the master and doctorate later. Several intensive courses are available at many universities and institutes offering a diploma in human resources.

Objectives of Human Resources Specialization:

  • Introducing students to human capital concepts and knowledge management theories.
  • Providing the student with the skill of linking human capital, knowledge management, and the extent to which they contribute to achieving the general objectives of the institution or company.
  • Clarifying the importance, objectives and functions of international human resources management.
  • Knowledge of international human resources management policies.
  • Introducing students to the methods and theories of strategic management of human resources.
  • Developing students' skills in the strategic management of human resources.
  • Developing the student's ability to make strategic decisions related to human resources within the organization or the company.

HR Course Chapters:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Legal environment for business
  • Ethics of work and social responsibility
  • Strategic management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Development and training of human resources
  • Planning and recruitment of human resources

Jobs occupied by an HR graduate:

  • HR Director
  • Hiring specialist
  • Administrative Officer
  • Contracts specialist
  • Administrative Supervisor
  • Trainer or Training Specialist

Tasks of HR management personnel:

  • To assign selected candidates in the appropriate job positions to their skills and abilities.
  • To distribute tasks to the employees.
  • To provide all the supplies needed by the employees to accomplish theirs tasks successfully.
  • Evaluating the employees periodically, listening to their suggestions and opinions, identifying the problems they face at work and finding the appropriate solutions.
  • Well Managing the salaries, granting bonuses and awards to the outstanding employees and applying sanctions for negligent work.

Required features in HR staff:

  • Showing good manners and ethics
  • Courteous
  • Patience
  • Adhering to work ethic
  • Commitment to the ethics of dialogue
  • Intelligence
  • Ability to influence others positively.
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Team work, and leadership ability.



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